Special Needs Education and Autism Apps


While special education instructors are more likely to use mobile Apps with Teacher dashboard for autistic children than general teachers, they often complain of not receiving any formal training regarding the use of these gadgets.

Autism apps like the recently updated “Make Sentences” and “Just Match”, run on iPads and smartphones, and have emerged as a major tool to impart sentence-making and match-the-word skills to special needs students.

Mobile technologies have the ability to resonate and support the instruction extended to special needs children, especially those having autism spectrum disorder. Instructors can capitalize on the features of these apps that can be installed on any mobile device. With interactive features and talk-to-text options, these two apps have the ability to personalize instructions for each special needs child, whether in classroom or at home. Not only teachers, these apps can be used by therapeutic professionals like school psychologists, occupational therapists, and intervention specialists. Parents of special needs children, administrators, and counselors also use the “Make Sentences” and “Just Match” apps in equal measure.

While these autism apps have opened up a whole new world for children affected with the disorder, a large number of special education professionals said that they received almost no training regarding the perfect use of these apps. While the “Make Sentences” and “Just Match” apps are menu-driven and can be self-taught, teachers still need to know how to make them the most useful to students.

The benefits of introducing these apps to autistic children are undeniable. Special education instructors admitted that they are more likely to use iPads and tabs for instructional reasons than overhead projectors or light tables, white screens, and their websites. They are unanimous that portable devices are the best in this regard.

But some instructors do receive formal training about how to use autism apps for students. Even those who didn’t, say that they are more likely to use these autism Educational Apps for Kids for children. It proves that teachers and instructors have an urgent and strong desire to learn more about these apps and how they can help children with autism spectrum disorder. But lack of proper training is often the impediment.

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