Save My Hurting Relationship and Help Me Rejuvenate The Passion!


If you are feeling like you are in a hurting relationship, don’t feel lost and disheartened. You can rejuvenate the passion that you once felt in the beginning. It’s only natural to experience a loss of passion as time goes by, but you can triumph over that. People who have shared homeland experiences for a long time are going to get overwhelmed by the obligations and demands of every day living. Realize this and kick your actions (or your tush) into overdrive for developing a healthy, long-lasting relationship. You can do this!

Let’s face it…being surrounded by dirty diapers, ever mounting bills or outside commitments are going to take their toil on a relationship. There is nothing romantic about cleaning a toilet or catching up on your ironing. So why would you feel a sense of intimacy about your partner when your mind is wrapped around so many other daily chores which require your attention?

The biggest obstacle to sharing the passion that you once felt in the beginning of your Tonality and Micro Movements relationship is the fact you are probably so busy taking care of all this other business that you don’t have time for the necessary attention that is essential to the well-being of your relationship. Feelings between you and your partner are not going to be rosy and sexy forever unless you are constantly working on that. “Working on that” doesn’t involve an experience of slave labor; it just entails that you are sensitive and attentive to your mate’s needs. This really isn’t hard at all!

One of the most important actions that you can take to improving your relationship is to be attentive to your partner’s needs. You need to communicate with them constantly…more importantly, you need to LISTEN to them! If you listen to your love, he or she is going to tell you exactly what they need. Most people come off saying that they don’t know what their partner needs; obviously they aren’t listening to them.

Communication between the two of you is always going to be a challenge, but it’s one that you are up for if you realize some specifics on how it’s done. Sometimes when you are speaking to the one you love, you might think that you are saying one thing, but what they are actually hearing is totally different. To be able to communicate simply, unmistakably and conclusively is a problem all its own.

Sometimes communication is one of the most difficult things to learn that you will ever encounter, but when you have mastered it, the benefits are enormous. So the intent of communication is not to spend time with your partner spouting off an endless amount of words which mean very little to them. The goal of communication is to be able to make yourself and your feelings understood by them. Without mastering the skills of communication, your relationship will suffer immensely from disagreements over things that are simply misunderstandings.

To communicate well with the one you love, there are a few definitive facts that need to be understood. Here is a brief, yet essential list of those facts which you need to realize to communicate with your love effectively.

1) A female is born instinctively with a need to talk. This is an indispensable trait to the way in which she addresses life. This is how she solves problems and builds her relationships. It is tool she uses for bonding relationships. That’s exactly why women get upset when men don’t talk. She sees a man’s silence as an indication that he doesn’t care. It is also the reason that a woman will give a man the “silent treatment” when she is upset. She views silence as a negative thing whereas the man just appreciates it and doesn’t get it when a woman uses this technique.

2) A male does not need to talk. He only talks to relay information and facts. When a man is silent it means nothing more than he has nothing to relay. It’s not that he is mad, or disinterested or peeved about something. If that was case, believe me, he would tell you. A man’s brain functions much differently than a woman’s which is why the communication factor is so difficult to master.

3) Simply put the male gender communicates facts, the female gender communicates emotions. Understand this and you can break the code to communicating with someone of the opposite gender. Being able to do this will enhance your relationship beyond measure.

4) Men take everything a woman says very literally. When a man says he is thinking nothing then he is literally thinking nothing! But when a woman says she is thinking nothing, she is actually thinking something. A man assumes that she is thinking nothing, like he would do. Can you see how this would spell trouble for the relationship? Never assume anything!

5) A man lives in a world where only a box of primary-colored crayons would suffice. A woman, on the other hand, lives in a world where she applies the entire contents of an extra large, giant box of crayons filled with every color imaginable. He sees blue; she sees teal-colored-ocean-greenish aquamarine. Not only does she recognize that color, but she can find an exact match for it in a fabric store. No offense, but a man can hardly match his own socks!

In actuality, both you and your partner can understand each other. The point is that we are all different, but you can recognize these differences and accept them so that you can grow in cooperation with each other. You can have an evenly balanced, well adjusted, harmonious relationship if you strive towards that end.


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