Get the Answers to Your Car Buying Questions


Sooner or later almost everyone needs to buy a car and unless you have been in the car business you may not know the answers to all your car buying questions. Finding out the answers to your questions when you are buying a car can be the difference between spending too much and getting a great deal. The job of the car salesman is to sell you a car without giving you too much information. That’s right because if you know all the facts you might not buy a car. So to protect yourself you need to know the answers before you make a car buying decision.

One of the answers that the salesperson will try to avoid is about the actual price you are paying for your vehicle. It may sound simple, but many buyers don’t know exactly how much they are paying for their vehicle until they read the paperwork. To make matters even worse most buyers don’t even read their bill of sale thoroughly before signing. The car dealership knows how customers operate and will avoid many car buying questions by changing the subject. Car buying is in some ways similar to magic by diverting your attention when it comes to the questions car buyers ask.

One very common mistake that automobile buyers make is deciding to make a vehicle purchase based on the monthly payment. Sounds crazy, but buyers that are financing their new vehicle pay more attention to the monthly car payment than the price, payment or term of their auto loan. They usually pay way too much for their car when they don’t know the answers to their automobile buying questions.

Car Buying Questions at the Dealership

When you visit the car dealer you might notice that the car salesman is always asking questions. They will ask you all sorts of things ranging from your budget to your vehicle of choice. The automobile salesman will ask you various car buying questions so they can gather information to help sell you a car. Not only does the sales person distract you by asking questions, but they also control the car buying process. When you are providing answers to your salesman you are not getting the answers to your questions. That’s the ideal scenario for the salesman and the dealership when it comes to making money. The best way to buy a new or used car and avoid overpaying is knowledge.

There are some car buying questions that you must ask and know the answers before you buy a new automobile. Make sure you know the sale price, trade-in allowance, car loan term, interest rate and the car dealer fees. Then make sure the answers match up with the numbers of your sales contract. You might be surprised to find some minor mistakes on the paperwork than can add up to a substantial dollar amount. Before you sign anything make sure you know what you are signing by reading everything.

Make it a point to ask all the important car buying questions even if you need to take a checklist with you to the dealership. You automobile buying decision should be based on the information you gather yourself and the information you get from the auto dealership. You will save a bundle when you know the answers to your car questions before you make a vehicle buying decision.

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