What is Sports Massage and How Does it Benefit the Body?


Sports massage was originally used for athletes but is actually helpful for anyone with injury, chronic pain or range-of-motion problems. Its purpose is to relieve swelling, drain away fatigue, reduce tension in muscles, increase flexibility and prevent injuries. Massage has become a major part of an athletic program within sports injury treatment exmouth clinics, college training room, Olympic training and professional locker rooms, providing benefits physiologically, physically and psychologically. Any man or women who regularly stretches his or her physical limits through movement of cycling, running, hiking, dancing, swimming, tennis, aerobics or strength training can benefit from sports massage.

There are numerous sports activities with each one using different muscles and joints. Many of the techniques used are targeted to those muscles and joints in that sport. This helps to increase the overall effectiveness of the massage in a particular sport for an athlete. These types of treatments enable the body to extend its range of performance. Increasing the flexibility of the muscles and joints is critical to elevating performance and minimizing the possibility of injury.

Based on both observation and experience, many benefits have been reported from sports massage, including:

~Increased range of motion
~Increased blood flow
~Increased flexibility
~Better sense of well-being
~Less muscle tension
~Nerves becoming more relaxed
~Decreased risk of injury
~Better overall body condition
~Enhanced performance
~Recovery time between workouts decreased
~Less muscle spasms

Massage has been used as a form of physical therapy for more than 3000 years by many different cultures. It is only recently that communications and travel enabled other civilizations to meet; therefore developing many forms of massage. This form needs to be a key part of a training curriculum. It should also be used on a regular basis to help lessen injury. There are many athletes that believe their sport life is expanded due to receiving regular sports massages.



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