ViolinSmart Electric Violin


It has a soft shell case, earphones, rosin, 9 volt battery, and amp cable. It has a 9 volt advanced amplifier and is a good electronic violin for both beginners and pros alike. It has black tuning pegs, a fingerboard, chinrest, and a tailpiece. The unit weighs about 5 pounds.


Some users said that the ViolinSmart Electric Violin plays almost as good as an acoustic violin with the advantage of playing it silently. The earphones and main speakers produce good sound too. Many users like the way the bow is made because of the balance and its looks. The bow is surprisingly good for an affordable electric violin.

Some users say that, even if the better part of the violin is made of synthetic material, it still looks very classy and sturdy. It produces near perfect tone just like an expensive violin. Others have opted to change the chinrest and tailpiece to a more expensive kind and love the effect on how the violin looks and feels.

A number of people say that it is perfect for beginners who want to learn to play on an electronic violin. They can practice for several hours and not annoy the neighbors or other people at home. The earphones give-off good quality sound too.


A few people said that the pegs are problematic and keep slipping. So, they end up retuning the instrument every few minutes. Some said that the strings keep moving around to the left or right and won’t keep steady in the proper place. Other users said that they had to replace the pegs with something better or have it repaired so that they stop slipping.

Some have mentioned that the materials used to build this violin are cheap. The earphones also break only after a couple of uses. Some say that the earphone volume is defective. Some buyers complained that they had to buy better earphones to be able to use it silently.

Despite some negative feedback about the ViolinSmart Electric Violin, most people like the way the violin is designed, although it is a cheap violin, it does not look flimsy or ugly. It actually looks quite nice for an affordable musical instrument. Most people love the way it can be used silently so they can practice for hours without disturbing other people in the house or neighbors.

This electronic violin is priced affordably and it built quite nicely for the price. Other brands and models look too cheap. You can proudly bring this piece around and play it anywhere. It is the perfect electric violin for both kids and adults, whether they are beginners or veteran violin players. This instrument lets you take it around anywhere without worrying that you would damage an expensive concert violin.

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