Using Office Partitions to Your Advantage


Do you dream of coming to work in a bright modern office that the office staff can be proud of, and that you could be proud to invite customers and potential customers to? Do you think that this would take major expense upheaval and disruption to achieve?

For many offices it’s likely to take more than a lick of paint to turn them into modern, light, open-plan spaces where dirt and clutter are easy to spot (and rectify) and where staff feel that have plenty of healthy and productive contact with the organisation itself, other staff members, and the outside space. It’s also a major advantage for most businesses to have a workplace layout that fits well around the organisation, the work, and the staff rather than the other way around.

Office Partitions

For many businesses the challenges to turning things around as far as the physical working environment are the limitations of imposed by any office occupancy contracts / agreements, the potential costs, the potential disruption, and the return on investment.

Office partitions are tailor made to fit into the existing office structure, and as such, major structural changes aren’t required to transform the working environment. This also removes the risk of the huge disruption and mess that could be created traditional bricks and mortar building work. High quality, very practical, and aesthetically pleasing offices, folding partition, temporary or permanent, folding, sliding, or fixed office partitions can be made from a wide variety of materials. For example, metal frames which are colour coated to match the overall chosen design theme are made to house panels which can be made from a variety of different materials, and coated with fabrics, colours and patterns. Door frames, a variety of different types of doors, windows and glazed areas can be fitted into the office partitions to produce areas which are strong, durable and insulated e.g. against noise. The prices involved in achieving this environment can be a lot less than you may think, and a lot less than traditional building work in many cases.

Solid 10mm to 12mm thick glass partitions can also be made. These can have a variety of designs, logos, or frosting added to them e.g. by film on glass / manifestation film. These glass panels can be floor to ceiling, and can even be made to create whole office, conference room or waiting room space if that is required. Glass office partitions can also be made not to ceiling height but simply to separate certain functions / areas in an attractive and aesthetically pleasing way e.g. glass partitions with pictures / images incorporated in them.

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