Tee Shirts – America Loves Them


America seems to have a love affair with tee shirts. Especially when the weather is warm, it seems like everyone is wearing one. Once upon a time it was the favorite of the young, but now age seems to have no barrier. Young and old alike love to wear their favorites.

Maybe it is because tee shirts are so comfortable. Today most of them are made of 100% cotton and they are about the most comfortable thing you can wear on a hot summer day. Many of them are also very affordable, although some of the custom ones can america shirts. It is kind of fun to read what is written on many of them. Nearly every educational institution, from elementary school to college, has at least one to show your school pride. And of course colleges have an almost infinite variety to proudly display the colors of your favorite school.

Many people who attend concerts would not feel complete without purchasing a shirt of their favorite band or performer. The rockers have their own flair that is usually quite different from the country performers. Some of these are on the expensive side. If you get into the vintage ones, you can be talking some serious cash, especially considering what it cost to produce it..

Nearly every beverage has their own tee shirts. One of the first ones to start this trend was a favorite cola. I remember thinking to myself, what a racket. People will pay to advertise your product. But now many restaurants have jumped on the bandwagon and feature their own. Whoever came up with this brilliant idea hopefully made a fortune from this. How did they get us to pay good money to wear a one of these promoting their product or business? But it worked, and worked well. If you are completely bored sometime, go to a mall in the summer and see how many different tee shirts advertising a product you can find. Even churches have gotten into the act.

All professional sports teams have their own tees. It is an important revenue stream for them. Try to think of other organizations that have their own line. Nearly any major event that you attend will likely have one for you to purchase to remember that event. Let a team win a championship and there will be several proclaiming them champions.

Then there are the custom and designer tee shirts. Again you can spend some serious cash here. Once upon a time it was just and inexpensive garment for the kids to wear. Now it has developed into a giant business. Go into any department store and see how many different styles of tee shirts you will see in every department. Yes, we Americans love our tee shirts.

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