Is a Medical Spa Better Than a Regular Spa?


A spa is a place where you go to receive various types of treatments. There are two main kinds – a medical spa, and a day spa. Both of them allow you to receive types of therapies and treatment like relaxation and beauty treatments. However, there are key differences between medical and day spas.

A Med Spa is a place where you go only to relax – and most likely not by doctor’s orders. You do things like have massages, get mud baths, and even have beauty treatments done like facials and pedicures. These are all cosmetic ideas, which is mostly what a day spa is about. There are plenty of great things at a day spa that have to do with relaxation and with various muscle groups, but these things are in no way medical, and should not be treated as such.

A medical spa is a step between a medical clinic and a day spa. It usually operates under the supervision of a medical doctor, and the things that are done at a medical spa are done so with treatment or therapy in mind. One of the main treatments found at spas is a water treatment that is also called Balneotherapy. This is something that should be discussed with a doctor before beginning, because it can cause some side effects. Balneotherapy is usually found at regular spas, and therefore before you visit one, you should contact a doctor. However, at medical spas, there is really no need to worry about the side effects, because each and every thing that happens there is overseen by a professional.

Therefore, a medical spa is much more secure than a regular day spa. At a medical spa, you know that the procedures that are going on are safe for you, and you know that they have been designed with your best interest at heart. Unlike day spas, at which you can never really be sure you are getting proper treatment, there is a medical person on staff at a medical spa who can help you with your own particular ailment ,and with the treatments that you need to have in order to feel better.

There are many things that are availing at a medical spa that would not be found elsewhere to be as safe. For instance, mud baths are used at medical spas. Unlike at day spas, you know that the mud used has been designed by a medical professional, and that someone knows what they are doing when it comes to the type of treatment that is being received. Other treatments at medical spas include laser hair removal, for both men and women. Facial conditions like brown spots and redness are also conditions that are treated at medical spas. However, unlike day spas, all of these treatments are done under the specific medical care of a doctor and a trained professional. This means that you will know you are receiving the best care possible when you go to this type of spa.


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