Ideas For High School Fundraisers That Are Sure Winners


High school fundraisers are a great venue for young kids to learn new things, which aren’t thought within the four corners of their classrooms. Fundraising is a good activity that every kid should get the chance to take part in. If you’re working on setting up different fundraising campaigns, let me help you get started by providing you with a set of different great ideas that will help you earn big.

The ideas for high school fundraisers that I’m going to present to you in this article are unique so you won’t have to worry about having a lot of competition during your campaign. As we all know, setting up a unique PTA fundraiser ideas is something really important especially if fundraising is something that a lot of people do within your community. The first cool idea that I have for you in here is a Halloween pumpkin patch. This is ideally done during the fall season. To do this, you must first line up a roadside site and decorate it using some hay bales. After making your venue look good, the next thing you must do is arrange your pumpkins so that they will look presentable. If you want to maximize your profits with this kind of fundraising program, you can do so by purchasing your pumpkins in bulk from a local farmer’s market or from a grower.

Next is selling Thanksgiving turkeys. Thanksgiving is a really special occasion that people always enjoy celebrating and the celebration isn’t considered complete unless there’s turkey served on the dining table. For this one, you need to call up a wholesale source and prepare order forms and sales brochures. After which, you can then roam the streets to take orders from people. Once you gather a good number of orders, you can then do a bulk purchase with the money that you have acquired from the latter. Set a pickup schedule and let your customers know about it way ahead of time so that they’ll know when to expect their turkeys to arrive. If your customers want their turkeys to be delivered to their doorsteps, then you can charge them a few extra bucks. In this way, you can gain some extra profit through delivery services.

The Christmas season is another great time during the year for doing different kinds of fundraising campaigns. During this time, you can sell Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths to people in your community as they will surely be looking for these things so that they can make their houses look great for the upcoming celebration. Before you sell these products out, you first need to look for a good grower or wholesaler from whom you can order your Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths. Then, you can proceed to setting up your sales stand. On the other hand, you can also try doing an order taker sales campaign instead. If you choose to do the latter, it would be best for you to carry sales brochures and to work on a good sales script.


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