How to Solve Bank Exam Questions Faster?


Consider this situation – a student enters the exam hall, receives the question paper and as the student turns the pages of the question paper, the mind goes completely blank. Precious minutes go waste and the end result is not satisfactory.

Solving question paper of competitive exams is not easy, it is an art and the more a student practices, higher is the success rate.

Tips to Solve Bank Exam Questions Faster

(1) Understand the Questions

Never rush to start the google educator certification answer key paper instantly; reserve the first 5 to 10 minutes in reading the questions and assimilating it in the mind. The initial response will be blurring but as a student reads through the questions, the questions will become clear.

(2) Know the Fundamentals

This is particularly important for the reasoning and numerical papers. If a student is well conversant with the fundamentals of the subject, these sections will help to reduce time. Keep practicing – it is the only way to clear the reasoning and numerical papers.

(3) English Language

English is not the native language for Indians and the fact is many of the applicants for PO and clerical exams are not fully conversant with the English language. But since the paper is a compulsory one in the exam, it can be cleared through daily practice. In the exams, attempt this paper at last if the language is not a strong point.

(4) Observe Daily Happenings

No matter how much coaching a student takes or how much a student learns about general knowledge subjects, the fact is that the best way to attempt the general knowledge paper within time restraint is to observe and note the political, social, economical, financial and other happenings in the country. There is no ‘fixed’ syllabus in this subject.

(5) Know Computer Basics

A huge section of the Indian population is comfortable with using computers and as a banking personnel, it is expected that the employee knows how to use a computer and understands software. Hence, the knowledge of computer is tested during the exam. One doesn’t need to be a computer engineer to attempt it.

Be aware of computer basics such as software, hardware, motherboard and other basic computer parts.

(6) Time the Paper

‘Practice’ and ‘Experience’ is really the key to answer bank exam questions faster. A competitive exam is like running a marathon race where the more someone practices running, higher is the success rate. A student should answer those questions first whose answer he/she knows correctly, then try the semi-difficult questions and the most difficult questions in the end. Sometimes students begin with the difficult questions and then they have no time to answer others.

Remember to time the mock exam questions and observe the topics which are problematic, that is, taking much time. Work on those topics repeatedly and sit for mock exams, especially attempt the previous years bank question papers [], at least four times a week. Once a student clears the bank exam, there are many bank vacancies [] available. Start applying!

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