How to Be Successful With Women in Clubs and Bars – Secrets Revealed


Okay in this article you’re going to learn the some of the secrets to success with attractive women in bars and clubs…

Often guys have the belief that its near impossible to be successful with women in these locations. But this is not the case. I’ve had a lot of success in bars and clubs Bellingham Bar it is very possible but you have to know the secrets most guys never find out…

First things first, you have to understand and know how to attract a woman. This is critical and most men can’t do it at all. There are many ways to attract a woman, so lets take a bar environment for example.

You see a hot brunette standing a few feet away from you with her less attractive friend. What do you do?

First, approach her straight away, This prevents you from spending minutes talking yourself out of approaching her. Or her walking away from your vicinity.

Next, ask her opinion on something (perhaps something you were talking about with a friend). Anything fun or interesting will do. Alternatively, make a statement about something in the environment.

Get this, it really doesn’t matter much what you say at first. What matters is what happens in the next 3 minutes. It only takes about 3 minutes to get a woman attracted to you.

One technique to getting a woman attracted to you is to tease her playfully about something. There are many ways to do this, and they all get a woman incredibly attracted to you very quickly. For example, find out something about her and make fun of it (done playfully so she knows you’re just kidding around). There is a deep underlying psychology about why things like teasing attract women…

I cannot express how well teasing works to attract women, especially in places like bars and clubs, where women go to have fun (and not get bogged down with serious or worse, boring conversation).

After a few minutes of teasing it will be obvious that she is attracted (she’ll give off signs that she is), and from there you can do many things, such as get physical, get her number, or continue talking about other things. From getting her attracted to you, onwards, it depends on what you want (a date, a one night stand, etc).


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