Finding Affordable International Text Messaging Services


One of the advantages of using bulk SMS service for SMS Marketing is cost savings. One area where cost savings are evident is in marketing campaigns. Just like in email campaigns, the use of Automated Text Message for Business to promote services and products for the company needs to be done strategically.

Promotion and Marketing

The best approach is to build a list and use a system to build a list that is properly segmented, so that the message you send to your prospects and customers is tailor made and relevant. This requires the constant adjusting of these messages over a period of time.

The adjustment may take a period of time to perfect. During this time the marketers may be having conversations with the prospects. These conversations may take longer and cost more, were it not for the fact that when they Send SMS Online in bulk, it costs much less than other alternative ways.

Reminders and Notification

This is also applicable when sending reminders and notifications, particularly when they are urgent. This is crucial for certain industries such as in healthcare; Sending the patient reminders to come for their appointment is critical a day or so before the appointment day.

UK’s National Health Service is one organization that demonstrated that significant cost savings can be made using the text messaging platforms. The messages sent via text, were 50 to 60% cheaper than other alternatives that they had at the time.

In addition, the system had a higher level of penetration since the text is sent directly to the recipient’s mobile device. Studies show that more than 95% of SMS Marketing messages will be read, this is more effective than email. Penetration is important for healthcare, since the recipients must get the message about their appointment with the doctor, as it could be crucial for their health.

Sending Direct Messages

The level of penetration is also important for businesses. Businesses may want to ask their existing customers to renew their accounts. Making phone calls to individual customers could end up being very expensive. The other option is to Send SMS Online.

Text messages for reminders and organizations are not only more affordable, but they also save time. Making phone calls for the sake of marketing or sending notifications would take too much longer than direct text messages. Text messages can be tailor automated, saving the organizations a lot of time, they would otherwise spend making phone calls.



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