Electrical Plans For a Solar Panel System – Things to Be Cautious About


When you’re getting ready to follow some electrical plans for a solar panel system be sure you know exactly what you are doing. As with any electrical project it is always good to seek assistance from a professional to make sure you don’t screw anything up or get hurt. There are also many things that you could accidentally do that would cost you more money and affect your home owner’s insurance policy.

Make sure that if you are going to be putting up solar panels on your own to have a really good step by step guide to help you and also be sure to follow the electrical plans for solar system to a tee. When you are building solar panels most of the project will be pretty basic with a little common sense but there is also some small technical skills required. Also when following the electrical plans for solar system be sure that your cable wire is the right size or gauge, as well as the right length. You need to also decide on how many of the solar panels you want and where to put the controller and storage.

Probably one of the most important aspects of the electrical plans is to wire the storage and panel correctly or you will not like the results. The cable that is carrying the supply to the solar panel and storage system needs to definitely be the right thickness as well or you are not going to get the power or Reliant Energy reviews you are looking for. The higher the gauge the smaller the wire, so be sure to get a lower gauge wire. Within the electrical plans for the solar system it will give you the details that you need on the wiring of the solar panels so that you will at all times know exactly what you will need to do the job correctly.

Always know the power rating of your panel and precisely how far that cables are going to run to the storage system as well as the controller. Every single wire has a particular resistance that it can withstand, so the smaller the diameter of the wire and the longer it gets, the electrical resistance increases. The reason this is so important is because if you were to buy a cable that is too small, by the time it gets to the storage unit the voltage will be to low, resulting in not enough juice.

Choosing the right size wire will alleviate this issue. The longer the run of cable you need to make the thicker the wire needs to be, especially if it is over fifty feet. If the wire is too small there is less voltage and it will not do what it needs to do. This could also potentially cause a fire. All in all if you have a good step by step guide and follow the electrical plans for solar system then you will not have any problems.



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